Dancer Bio

Photo by Patrick Weishampel.

Photo by Patrick Weishampel.

Dancer Biography

I am a performer and dance maker whose artistic practice integrates improvisational investigation, virtuosic movement, and wide-ranging research. Over the past decade, I have performed extensively in Portland and Minneapolis, working in the fields of dance, theater, film, and music.

I initially trained as a musician and composer. In addition to performing as a pianist, my original compositions have been performed by small ensembles in Minneapolis and by the Minnesota Youth Symphony. I have also sung in numerous choirs and small ensembles that have toured throughout Minnesota as well as to New Orleans, Munich, Prague, and Vienna.

From an early period, my work in music overlapped with a burgeoning interest in theater. In addition to studying drama, I trained in the conservatory at Stages Theatre Company and performed in numerous theater productions at Stages (Hopkins, MN) and the experimental Bryant Lake Theater (Minneapolis).

My training as a dancer began under Jane Shockley, Mary Easter Moore, and Judith Howard at Carleton College (Northfield, MN), where I also studied the martial arts forms of Tai Kwon Do and Naginatajutsu. I became a member of Semaphore Repertory Dance Company and performed both as a company member and in other productions within the department of theater and dance.

I continued my dance training in Portland, primarily under the tutelage of Gregg Bielemeier. During my time in the Pacific Northwest, I have choreographed and produced by own work, and I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Gregg Bielemeier, Mary Oslund, and many others. I am currently a member of FaultLine Dance Company (Eliza Larson, artistic director) and the architectural dance company POV Dance (Mandy Cregan and Noel Plemmons, co-artistic directors).