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My name is Taylor, and these days I wear many hats: art school professor; performer, choreographer, and dramaturgliterary scholarsemi-professional reader; freelance writer and editor; and, now, late-to-the-party blogger. Somewhat to my own surprise, and despite the singular drive that just got me through seven years of a Ph.D. program in Princeton University’s English department, I find myself becoming a member of the “slash” generation. 

The slash generation. Cultural commentators have bandied this newfangled term about quite a bit in recent years, using it to designate a subset of Millennials who, whether by dint of a failing economic system or an affirmative nod to the multiplicitous nature of identity, find themselves operating in more than one professional universe at once. For myself, I experience the “slash” both positively and negatively. I feel by turns exhilarated and exhausted in my pursuit of various interests — exhilarated because it reminds me that one need not limit oneself to a single sphere of interest or influence, and exhausted because such a pursuit often requires the strict compartmentalization of oneself. Like many others, I feel the latter most acutely regarding the divide between my creative self and my money-making self. This divide often seems like an east-is-east-and-west-is-west-and-never-the-twain-shall-meet kind of situation, which, needless to say, is not ideal.

I therefore approach this website as en effort toward self-consolidation at a moment when the self is exploding. In this project, I aim to create a platform for my various activities, and in the process bring together my numerous selves. My work here may end up only being meaningful for me, but I hope that others might find some pockets of it interesting, perhaps even useful.